-- Advanced LInux Crash-dump Interactive Analyzer --

The development of this program is partly supported by IPA (Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan).

Last Modified: Thu Nov 9 09:20:49 UTC 2006

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About Alicia

Alicia(Advanced LInux Crash-dump Interactive Analyzer) is a tool that provides the effective environment and interface to analysis the Linux kernel dump with the power of Perl.

What is Alicia?


To apply Linux to the mission critical area, we have to have a substantial Linux Kernel dump editing tool to specify the cause of trouble quickly. Therefore we must develop an integrated tool for Linux Kernel dump that is able to share the know-how of dump analysis and get shorter editing hours of dump.


Alicia wraps the existing editing tools of dump (crash or lcrash) into the perl shell and provide a common interface to edit the dump with the power of Perl. Therefore the new command to analysis a dump can be written easily as script in Perl language. If the script you created is opened, it is just know-how document and we will get expert's know-how.

The following diagram shows Alicia's scope in the environment of Linux crash dump analysis.

Alicia Scope Tools map for Linux crash dump
Alicia's scope: blue
LDAS: Linux Dump Analysis Script (written in Perl)
crash: is a tool to analyze the core dump taken by netdump facility.
LKCD: Linux Kernel Crash Dump project (included lcrash utility)


GPL or Artistic License.

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